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LeAnn Rimes News: Country Star Ignites Another Twitter Fight With Brandi Glanville

Howtoincreasetwittersfollowers.info how to increase twitters followers There is no denying that LeAnn Rimes is definitely keeping tabs on her husband's ex-wife on Twitter these days. buy cheap twitter followers The country star has ignited yet another Twitter feud with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville and this time around it all has to do with hashtags.LeAnn Rimes Buys A Selfie Stick For Christmas, Shares New Pics On InstagramAccording to Star Magazine on Monday, Rimes supposedly made fun of Glanville and a photo she posted of herself cooking for her family over the weekend. After Glanville tweeted a photo with a caption that said, "TBT ;) realme cookingforfamily gangstachef fun mashedpotatoes," Rimes posted a photo of her backyard with the hashtags, "Sky Fall beauty backyard cookingforfamily." Glanville also seemingly addresses her headline-making hookup with Gerard Butler, which was presumably a bit embarassing for the reality star after the 300 actor was asked about the blonde beauty when she revealed he was the most famous person she'd slept with, saying, "Who's Brandi Glanville?" (he later admitted the two did sleep together).Although she does seemingly mock Rimes' short stint in rehab in 2012, claiming the country crooner instead underwent treatment in "TWEE-HAB," which she defines as "a facility specializing in caring for men and women who developed an unhealthy dependency on social media." During an interview with In Touch Weekly in April, Glanville admitted her relationship with LeAnn Rimes is up and down, but said they were “OK” at the moment.Things are currently going OK! It’s really nice and very weird because the tide has been smooth for a little while now.

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Brandi Glanville Used Twitter to "Obsess" About Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes After Divorce, Plus More Memoir Bombshells

Brandi Glanville just can't stop dropping bombshells about her 2009 divorce from ex-husband Eddie Cibrian.The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, buy real twitter followers cheap who blasted the former CSI: Miami star for his affair with LeAnn Rimes (who is now his current spouse) in her 2013 book Drinking & Tweeting: And Other Brandi Blunders, apparently decided there are still more secrets to spill, which she has since used as fodder for her second memoir Drinking and Dating: P.S. Social Media Is Ruining Romance.And it's safe to say this is Glanville's not-so-subtle way of reigniting an old feud which had been seemingly laid to rest.If you followed Brandi or LeAnn on Twitter circa 2012, then you'll recall how the archenemies once constantly fired off heated tweets to each other on the social media site, and Glanville now admits she was a tad Twitter obsessed."When I first discovered the benefits of technology and social media, I used it to obsess about my husband, his future wife and our children throughout our breakup and divorce," the Bravo beauty candidly writes. It turns out the internet can be your worst enemy," she continues later. "Especially when you spend most of your time googling medical conditions, surviving cheating, or reviewing the twitter feed of some c--t-ry music singer who likes to post countless pictures of your children StillBugs. Sure, I was 'addicted' but I rationalized that Twitter-stalking was the only way to find out what my children were doing since he [Cibrian] and I communicated solely through his assistant," she says. "When my eldest son went to the hospital with an injury after a sleepover, I only found out once his bonus mom sent out a tweet.

Neither Brandi Glanville Nor LeAnn Rimes Can Keep Their Comments To Themselves On Twitter!

Brandi Glanville and LeAnn Rimes need some attention again, so they’re resorting to feuding on twitter like this is 2012. buy 10000 twitter followers Save Tax Under Section 80DBrandi has been trumpeting that she finally gets along with her ex Eddie Cibrian and his new wife LeAnn – for the kids – but apparently the niceties only mean IN FRONT OF THE KIDS – not on social media. Because obviously Brandi’s kids can’t read and have no access to modern technology.Ironically the two failed former reality stars were bickering about said kids. And it all started over trampolines.The fourth member referring to Eddie and Brandi’s oldest child Mason, who is 12. However, in the initial IG post LeAnn said Mason was 11, not 12. She has since corrected it. To me, LeAnn’s oops seemed like an innocent mistake to me, but not to the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star. Brandi doesn’t like “Bonus Mom” commenting on her progeny and she railed against LeAnn on twitter, slamming her for not only for the age gaffe, but for making Mason feel bad about not wanting to jump on the trampoline with a broken arm.LeAnn Rimes and Glanville have been at odds online more than once, but this latest Twitter diss by Glanville marks the first in a while. Immediately following LeAnn Rimes’ highly publicized affair with Glanville’s then-husband, Cibrian, in 2009, the two women were feuding constantly, both online and in the press. Understandably, Glanville was furious with the country singer, who was also married at the time of the affair. Years later, however, after Leann Rimes married Cibrian, the women attempted to settle their differences for the sake of Glanville and Cibrian’s two sons. As the Inquisitr previously reported, things between LeAnn Rimes and Glanville were going well just months ago.


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